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Updated June 2011

 W E L C O M E
PROMENT is a leading company in the manufacturing of equipment for mass production provides industrial automation solutions, Equipment for Automated Jewelry industry Facilities, Producing Progressive Dies and Plastic Molds.
The company operate CNC Processes, EDM Swiss machines using advanced Engineering and Technologies.

 PROMENT possesses 42 years of experience and a high level of expertise with emphasis on the Powder Metallurgy (PM) industry producing of heavy duty 4 - 1,200 ton compacting Hydraulic Servo Presses, with up to 8 servo axis.
Announcing the new coming 4 - 50 Ton Servo Electric line of PM presses with up to 6 axis featuring the new fully independent double feeding units for two deferent powders

PROMENT specialize in the manufacturing and integration of compacting powder equipment such as Multi Axis Adapters, Robotic cells and palletizers.

Powder Metal Presses

Multi Axis Adaptors

Hydraulic Presses

Jewelry Equipment

Digital Feeders

Several movies provided below for your benefits describing powder metallurgy uses and Proment equipment testing.

Proment testing new PM 12 Ton Servo press

Proment checking a new Adapter 001

Proment automatic prong setting machine

Proment press repeatability

You are invited to visit our booth at the following year 2011 Exhibitions:

SHANGHAI China PM 2011 exhibition starts April 22-24
 SAN FRANCISCO USA Powder MET 2011 starts May 18-21 (booth 210)
BARCELONA SPAIN EPMA 2011 starts October 9-12 (booth 59).

We’ll demonstrate our new Servo-Electric 12 ton press using a 1:4 demo real bench working machine.

We Turn any Manufacturing Challenge to Quality and Working Solution.


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